Persons with Disabilities

This second Colabs publication reveals some of the challenges that persons with disabilities in Singapore face integrating into our community, especially after 18 years of age. This includes the lack of options available that engage them meaningfully and provide them with gainful employment. Some suggestions for collaborative solutions are then outlined, based in part on the collective feedback of over 80 participants who participated in the series. Download it here.

Children & Youth

The first Colabs publication discusses the challenges that disadvantaged young persons face at home, such as an unconducive family environment. It examines how these challenges impact the young persons’ educational attainment and social mobility, and offers suggestions as to how givers could collaborate to close the gap for these individuals. The publication, based on the collective insights of over 100 participants who contributed during the series, can be found here.



The last Colabs series asks the simple yet complex question, how can our seniors live happily in our community? Financial security, accessible healthcare and adequate socio-emotional support are the building blocks of a fulfilling and dignified life; but for many seniors, the ageing process can be challenging. The upcoming publication will explore the issues -and from the collective insights of over 80 participants, suggest how working together can contribute to helping seniors age well in Singapore.