This second Colabs publication reveals some of the challenges that persons with disabilities in Singapore face integrating into our community, especially after 18 years of age. This includes the lack of options available that engage them meaningfully and provide them with gainful employment. Some suggestions for collaborative solutions are then outlined, based in part on the collective feedback of over 80 participants who participated in the series. Download it here.

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Programming Level Giving

AHRC Adult Day Services (USA)

AHRC New York City’s Adult Day Services aims to support people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to live meaningful lives in their communities. They do this with a persons with disabilities-centric framework.

Organisational Level Giving

CAP-Märkte (Germany) & Samhall (Sweden)

CAP-Märkte is a chain of over 100 medium-sized neighbourhood supermarkets in Germany owned by a co-operative of sheltered workshops. Samhall is a state-owned company that actively trains and develops persons with disabilities for long-term jobs in the open market.

Sectoral Level Giving

The Campaign for Disability Employment (USA)  & The Ready, Willing and Able Initiative, (Canada)

The Campaign for Disability Employment is a collaboration among non-profits and businesses that aims to change attitudes and improve employment opportunities. Ready, Willing and Able (RWA) is a national initiative across Canada. They seek to help organisations build high-functioning teams through inclusive hiring.