Seniors who lack social support for a prolonged period of time invariably experience a decline in their quality of life. While eldercare services are extensive in Singapore, some seniors may lack the resources, knowledge or support to access help that fit their needs or lifestyle preferences. This network sets out to understand how vulnerable seniors can make choices that support their physical, psychological and social well- being.


Persons with Disabilities

Adults with disabilities have limited developmental opportunities. While help is available for persons with disabilities in their growing years, they face challenges finding suitable employment, recreation and appropriate care when transiting from adulthood into old age. This network sets out to understand how persons with disabilities can be supported to live life as independent individuals.


What Happened at a Disability Colabs Session

Children & Youth

Many disadvantaged children and youth lack resources and opportunities to do well in life. Their aspirations are often limited by their environment and socio-economic factors. Given the multitude of factors that influence the path of a young person, organisations working with disadvantaged young persons have to find effective ways to work with them across life stages. This network sets out to understand what can be done to help them attain greater social mobility through education and employment.

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